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2012 AS Solo National Champion

Borg Motorsports

Borg Motorsports was born from the idea that there were not any truly well designed AND racing series specific parts in the aftermarket, specifically for the Chevrolet Corvette. Good parts exist, but none exploited the real advantages within the rulesets of the various sanctioning bodies. Owner and founder Lane Borg set out to change the situation and in January 2015, Borg Motorsports was created. In a partnership with Borg Machine Works, Borg Motorsports offers amateur racers solutions that meet their specific racing needs. 

Always striving for the last tenth, you can count on Borg Motorsports to provide extremely high quality parts built to withstand the rigors of green flag racing. All our parts are designed and manufactured in the heart of Texas using US suppliers. If you don't see what you need, feel free to ask. We're always looking for new product opportunities. 

While we do not have a storefront at this time available for visits, feel free to stop by and chat at any of the races we attend. Just look for the yellow Corvette or our mascot, Brembo. Happy racing!


Owner - Lane Borg

With two Solo National Championships, one ProSolo Class Championship, and eight years experience as a performance test driver, Lane Borg clearly has a passion for motorsports. 

Lane Borg, owner and founder of Borg Motorsports

Lane Borg, owner and founder of Borg Motorsports

Born in Arizona, Lane grew up in California and Virginia and his passion for performance automotive engineering was evident early in his life. This interest blossomed during his BS studies at Virginia Tech in the mechanical engineering program. While there he participated on the Formula SAE team, learning important principles of vehicle dynamics and design for manufacturing while developing his detail-oriented engineering approach that sets him apart from his competitors. He earned his BS in 2006 and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2009, both from Virginia Tech. During graduate school, the opportunity of a lifetime came his way and Lane moved to Texas to be a test driver for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.