We're Open!

We are back open! Unfortunately, inventory is moving so quickly I can't get anything to the website, but production is in process right now. If you have a specific request, please email lane@borgmotorsports.com and I'll work your request into the production queue ahead of any general inventory. The first round of items will be added to the inventory Monday assuming they are not spoken for by then. Inventory should be back at full capacity on all products by the end of September.

Thanks for your patience as we improve our processes and products for future growth.


One Month Extension to Spring Shutdown

I was hoping to have the new website up and running and full shelves of inventory, but unfortunately things are going slower than expected. Inventory will be building in the coming weeks and the new site should be up within a month. If you have bushings needs in July, please feel free to contact me and if I can work your kit into the production line (or if I have one already and haven't listed it), I'd be happy to help out. Thanks for your patience!

One Use Discount

I have a single standard Delrin kit for the C5 and steel framed C6 available. This is the last of the current inventory and to move it out, I am offering a 10% discount to my subscribers before anyone else. Use code 0H3M7TC at borgmotorsports.com and buy the kit under the C5 section here (you can use it on a C6 steel frame car as well, but it is listed on the site under the C5 section). Once someone uses this code, it's gone. Thanks for the support!


Spring Shutdown

Summary of 4 Month Shutdown

Having been in operation for about 18 months, I have made the decision that I need a few months to get some things sorted out in the shop to facility the growth of the company. Details below. Borg Motorsports will be closed until the end of June. Orders places in that time will ship on or before June 31, 2017. 

I will be doing my best to fill orders placed in the four month break, but I cannot guarantee a shipment in that time. Please contact me if timing is critical and we can discuss options based on machine availability. I will still be answering emails, etc. and supporting all existing and potential customers.


I have decided to do this shutdown because I have several things that will benefit myself, the company, and the customer base:

  • Major machine maintenance - Improved tolerances, surface finishes, and machining speed
  • Major machine modification - All of the above plus improved turn around time and a higher production capacity
  • Product development - Requires time on the machines to make prototype parts, but results in new and exciting products

I'll save you the full analysis, but the basics are that taking four months to correct some machine issues, improve production capacity, complete new product prototyping, and build inventory will be well worth it in the long run towards the growth of Borg Motorsports. These improvements will address the product availability, which is a top customer question. 

I also plan on using this time to complete the new website which will decrease the current technical issues, as well as offer more payment methods and purchasing options.

Come July 1, 2017, my goal is to have the following ready for our customers:

  • Available in-stock inventory of all bushing kits (version 2, which is in final development)
  • Options to mix and match offset/non-offset as well as purchase individual bushings on the website
  • Some VERY cool machine upgrades for increased production capacity and speed
  • The first round of new products for 2017

All in all it will be well worth the time off and I am really excited to show you all what is in store for Borg Motorsports later this year.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for your ongoing support,


2016 Lincoln Championship Tour Recap

The first official SCCA autocross of the season for us is in the books. Two weeks ago I headed to Lincoln, NE for the Championship Tour portion of Spring Nationals. As I mentioned in the prior update, I will not be able to run any ProSolos this year so I only ran the Tour which took place on Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day weekend.

As is standard for the car this season, we were running in the STU class of Street Touring (ST). For those not familiar with autocross, ST classes are the next step up for the Stock/Street classes. Cars still run on street tires (200 UTQG treadwear), but are allowed more freedoms in the setup. Suspension components (springs, ARBs, shocks, etc) are essentially free. Bolt on engine mods are allowed as are a few chassis and drivetrain modifications like differentials, race seats, and other things that make the car more sporty and more fun to drive.

For the 2016 season, Scott Steider will be codriving with me as the first driver in the car. Scott normally runs a 350Z in STU so he is familiar with the class and the competition. We arrived early enough on Saturday to run some TNT runs on the concrete. While I expected the car balance to change as it usually does on higher grip surfaces, the change was much greater than I anticipated. We had to make a lot of changes to try and balance the car more towards oversteer compared to the Mineral Wells setup. The one area the car felt great was in slaloms, meaning that the pre-production dampers on the car were working as intended.

We made pressure adjustments, alignment changes, and several adjustments to the rear suspension to try and free the car up. While I would still like a little bit more, the car is much closer to where it needs to be on high grip concrete. A lot of the changes made were either more dramatic or much less dramatic than expected. I'll cover this in later posts once I have finished the necessary calculations and updated my models.

Day 1 opened with a sweeper heavy course on the East side of the Lincoln concrete. We were still trying some of the above changes, but with a solid first run that gave me a substantial lead, changing things with the car became an option. We kept pushing to loosen the car up and on the last run, made an adjustment to help the front end get a little more bite. It worked and I put another 0.5s on the field. I finished Day 1 with just shy of a 1.0s lead with a 56.145s run. My goal was to put a total of 2.0s on the class over two day considering a few of the heavy hitting RWD cars were not present (specifically Bryan Heitkotter - professional Nissan factory driver in former National Championship winning 350Z, and Nick Barabato - GT Academy finalist also in a 350Z, and Jeff Stuart - 2015 STU National Champion, again in a 350Z). Scott ended up 1.6s back from me, sitting on his slowest raw time due to cone trouble. Had he kept it clean, he would have been 1.3s back for his first event in the car. Having accomplished what I needed to on Day 1, so it was on to do it again on Day 2.

Day 2 turned out to be the Day 1 course backwards instead of the 2015 National Championship West course backwards. Most people seemed to be running about one second faster due to a couple modifications to the course so I was expecting a low 55s run with the goal of breaking into the 54s. My first run was fairly conservative since I wanted to make sure I got a good, clean run in the bank. Having done this, I started pushing harder and ran a 55.096s run despite a missed shift at the start. I backed up this time on my third run at 0.01s slower than my second. I finished with a 111.241s time giving me a 1.713s win over second place. I was still 0.5s back from STR. My goal is to beat STR even on courses that favor the S2000 CRs, which this one did. That still means there is work to be done. On top of that, the fourth place finisher in STU had an excellent Day 2 compared to his Day 1 as he ended up with a time just over 0.4s off of my Day 2 time. Again, this shows that there is still work to be done in the effort to win the 2016 STU National Championship.

Scott finished sixth overall, but had the third fastest time on Day 2 with no cone trouble. For his second Day on a real course in the car, he is catching up very well and I expect we should be able to get the car into 1-2 podium spots regularly in the future. Scott and I like the same setup, which helps greatly in getting the car prepped. He also provides a great reference for how easy the car is to drive. The fact that he can get up to speed this quickly in just six runs is an excellent sign that the car is fast AND easy to drive. Lastly, the fact that I can throw down a fast run on my first run is a huge benefit of the current setup. Either that or my current penchant for 90s and early 2000s rap is the secret to speed. Going forward, I want to ensure the car remains easy to drive, but gains the pace it needs to keep up with the heavy hitters.

The results are located here.

We are 96 (Scott) and 196 (Lane) due to someone new to the class registering under my normal 99/199.

My fastest runs are located here (please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!).

The next event will be the Texas A&M Championship Tour at the end of June. In that time, I plan to finish the measurements of the ARBs (aka. anti-roll bars, sway bars) so that I can make more calculated changes on site and get meaningful balance changes quickly. We also might be making one slight adjustment to the dampers before releasing them for production to bias corner entry rotation a little more in the direction I want. Overall though, the Whitener Racing Shocks are some of the best dampers I have run on in my six years of National autocrossing.

One thing I would like to hear from you guys is what you would like in terms of posts/videos from these events. I always break down the data (currently using SoloStorm) to see where I left time on the table. I also do a full debrief, usually by myself but now with Scott, on what went well, what didn't, what needs to change, what shouldn't, etc. If that sort of thing would be of interest to you, please let me know and I will start working on that going forward.

Thanks for your interest in Borg Motorsports and the ongoing feedback! We always appreciate it. 


Texas CAM Challenge

For whatever reason the National race season for those of us in Texas started much later than normal. Last weekend was our opening event for the 2016 autocross season. I entered the car into the SCCA CAM Challenge event in Mineral Wells in the CAM-S class despite being massively underprepared.

CAM stands for Classic American Muscle and the CAM-S is for sports cars (two seaters and heavily modified 2+2 cars). The cars have a minimum weight, have to run tires rated at 200 UTQG or above, and have to be registered to drive on the street. That’s it. That’s the rulebook. Despite that, I bought my STU car to the event to have some fun in a different format and warm up for the season. At 360 RWHP, the car is probably one of, if not the least powerful car in the paddock. It DEFINITELY had the smallest tires, 275s versus everyone else on at least 315s. 

Over the winter, everything on the car was changed except the seats, the wheels, the diff, and the bushings. New springs, new bars, new shocks, new tires, new alignment, new track width, and less weight all make for a completely different car than we had in the 2015 season.

Due to time constraints, I could only stay for Saturday. David Whitener, founder of Whitener Racing Shocks was my codriver for the day. Despite being worried about cold tires on our first runs, my fastest run of the day happened right out of the box. David improved on all of his runs and ended the morning 0.3s behind me. We put about 0.7s on the next closest competitor.

In the afternoon, I again sat on my first run, but this time David put 0.3s on me. We finished 1-2 with David in first by 0.057s. The heavily favored third place competitor was over a second behind me. This put us first and second by raw time AND by PAX time, even using the CAM-S PAX which is much harsher than the usual STU PAX. 

The results for the weekend are as good as we could have hoped. The car performed amazingly well and all the winter testing appears to have paid off. The biggest change to the car was the dampers. These are specially built Bilstein dampers tuned by Whitener Racing Shocks. The dampers will be offered through Borg Motorsports later this year, once some additional testing is complete.

The next event is Spring Nationals in Lincoln, NE. Due to a lack of vacation days and some family obligations, I will not be able to make enough ProSolo events to qualify for the Finale, so the car will be skipping all ProSolos this year. That means we will only be running Sunday-Monday in Lincoln. Results will be live on sololive.scca.com. I will be driving as 196 STU (someone beat me to the punch and grabbed my usual 199). My codriver for the year will be fellow STU competitor Scott Steider and he will be running as 96. This will be the first event for the car on concrete, which will allow for some additional tuning to prepare for the National Championships in September. Unfortunately none of the heavy hitters from the 2015 Nationals will be there to compare with, but some new competition for 2016 should provide a reasonable benchmark for the car.

Final results can be found here: http://cdn.growassets.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/015/064/2016_CAM_Challenge_Texas_Class_Results.pdf?1463938808

And below is a video of David Whitener’s winning run as well as my fastest run.

David Whitener


Lane Borg


Machine Tools on eBay

After a year of investigating the right tools to use for our products, I decided that it's time to clear out the shop of all the redundant tooling that we no longer need. Items are listed on eBay under the user ID borgmotorsports and are live right now! We have a large amount of Tormach TTS tool holders, lathe tools, and other miscellaneous machine shop items on there now. There's even a bench top manual lathe! If you or someone you know is looking for a great deal on machine tools, send them our way on eBay. Thanks!


Direct Link to BorgMotorsports on eBay

Delays in Bushing Production

As much as I hate to do this, I need to delay the release of the bushings due to production issues. Functionally the parts are great, but there are some surface finish issues I am not happy with and more than anything, I do not want to release products that do not meet my standards. The purpose of this company is to produce and sell the best parts possible. Rushing to complete the parts this week would mean they would not meet those standards, therefore delaying the official release is the best decision. The new release date will be the end of September. I apologize for the delay, please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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