Spring Shutdown

Summary of 4 Month Shutdown

Having been in operation for about 18 months, I have made the decision that I need a few months to get some things sorted out in the shop to facility the growth of the company. Details below. Borg Motorsports will be closed until the end of June. Orders places in that time will ship on or before June 31, 2017. 

I will be doing my best to fill orders placed in the four month break, but I cannot guarantee a shipment in that time. Please contact me if timing is critical and we can discuss options based on machine availability. I will still be answering emails, etc. and supporting all existing and potential customers.


I have decided to do this shutdown because I have several things that will benefit myself, the company, and the customer base:

  • Major machine maintenance - Improved tolerances, surface finishes, and machining speed
  • Major machine modification - All of the above plus improved turn around time and a higher production capacity
  • Product development - Requires time on the machines to make prototype parts, but results in new and exciting products

I'll save you the full analysis, but the basics are that taking four months to correct some machine issues, improve production capacity, complete new product prototyping, and build inventory will be well worth it in the long run towards the growth of Borg Motorsports. These improvements will address the product availability, which is a top customer question. 

I also plan on using this time to complete the new website which will decrease the current technical issues, as well as offer more payment methods and purchasing options.

Come July 1, 2017, my goal is to have the following ready for our customers:

  • Available in-stock inventory of all bushing kits (version 2, which is in final development)
  • Options to mix and match offset/non-offset as well as purchase individual bushings on the website
  • Some VERY cool machine upgrades for increased production capacity and speed
  • The first round of new products for 2017

All in all it will be well worth the time off and I am really excited to show you all what is in store for Borg Motorsports later this year.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for your ongoing support,