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Delrin Bushings - C6

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Our Delrin bushings for the C6 Corvette virtually eliminate bushing deflection of the suspension. Bushing deflection causes changes to the alignment of the vehicle, resulting in less than optimal tire performance. Creating and maintaining optimal tire dynamics during cornering is the best way to improve your lap times. 

The Borg Motorsports bushing kit includes all bushing positions for the C6 Corvette control arms, 16 total locations. Each location has a front and rear bushing. Bushings with through bolts have metal sleeves to spread the load in each bushing over as wide an area as possible, reducing wear and tear on the Delrin. Full width bushing lips spread longitudinal suspension loads over as large an area as possible, again maximizing the life of the bushing as well as preventing wear on the subframe components.

Available in either standard Delrin or Delrin AF. Standard Delrin (black or white) maximizes the rigidity of the suspension at the lowest possible cost, however occasional lubrication may be required. Delrin AF (brown) is Delrin impregnated with Teflon, resulting in a self lubricating bushing. Borg Motorsports uses only Teflon fiber impregnated Delrin, not Teflon powder Delrin. While more expensive, Delrin AF will give a long service life with zero maintenance.

Bushings are legal in SCCA ST and SP classes.

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