C6 Corvette
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Offset Delrin Bushings - C6


Looking for the last tenth from your C6? Look no further. Developed to enhance the adjustability of the factory suspension, these offset bushings enable you to get all the camber and caster you need to maximize tire performance. While simple and fast to adjust, the factory alignment parameters are a compromise between street and performance driving. When racing your car, you generally don't care about having an alignment that allows your all-season tires to meet their mileage warranty. Maximum camber settings on a C5 are in the -4 to -5 range in the front and around -3 in the rear, these bushings will allow your car to optimize the performance of any tire you run.

Made from Delrin AF for self lubricating properties, these bushings require no maintenance. All metal components are either 6061 or 7075 aluminum to enhance their performance in racing conditions while keeping the entire package as light as possible. Get every last bit of capacity out of your tires with our offset bushing kit.

Legal in ST and SP SCCA autocross cars.

This kit requires drilling and tapping the control arms. Set screws, drill, and tap are included with the kit, however please note that the installation time is greatly increased with the offset option. 

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